Zebrafish are agile, versatile, and cost-effective. Like any other production house worth their salt, they’re multi award-winning and able to fulfil any creative brief no matter the scope, whether a full-scale feature film or a quick promotional piece, but unlike their counterparts you won’t find any bureaucracy to wade through: a lean company structure with a wealth of commercial (not just creative) experience, and a wide network of affiliates, ensures that we move swiftly, decisively, and collaboratively.



The directing duo Bousher & Gee (Ian Bousher and Theo Gee, occasionally also called “The Ginger and the Jew”) are best known for their intoxicating blend of dark humour, surrealism, and nihilistic view on human nature and life as we know it. Committed to creating memorable spectacles and making their families concerned for their wellbeing, they have made videos spanning numerous genres and themes, from clowns in rehab to killer conga lines and everything in between. With a long history of working with amazing musicians, awards, millions of views, and even a Cannes Golden Lion behind them, they’re skipping towards a hopefully bright future - like Dorothy and the Scarecrow at the start of The Wizard of Oz (we’ll let you decide who is who in that analogy).



Guy is a multi award winning writer director distinguished by compelling storylines and stunning visuals. Guy’s been making films since he was a kid. At 15 he began working in camera and lighting as a trainee with his sights set on being a cinematographer. At 18 he moved to New York, funded by a scholarship tuition grant, to study Cinematography at NYFA; immersing himself in all things film and developing his visual skills, but a thirst to direct had began. Upon returning to the UK Guy made a career in camera, becoming an in demand Focus Puller. Meanwhile he was directing on the side until the time was right to change paths. Guy was one of the original founders of Zebrafish and has directed several commercials, music videos and a handful of award winning shorts to date. His first feature film, Philophobia, gained international recognition and critical acclaim after gathering a dozen awards at prestigious festivals. In 2020 it received a full national theatrical release in cinemas across the UK and is releasing in 30+ countries in 2021. Driven by a love for story-telling



Lewis grew up within the music world before turning his attention to directing. Working with everyone from artists to athletes, Lewis has travelled the world implementing his visually arresting approach to storytelling. His dedication to an immersive aesthetic has allowed his award winning work to be viewed by millions worldwide and he has directed promos for the likes of All Time Low, Sum 41, Architects, Kodaline, Nothing But Thieves, and Neck Deep; often teaming up with his partner production house, Zebrafish Media. His commercial work includes directing successful campaigns for IKEA, HyperX, Citroën, Greggs, and the World Animal Protection.



Konstantin started his career producing video content for some of the world’s largest YouTubers. This creativity, combined with his proficiency as a cinematographer and editor, gives Kon a unique style of Directing. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Kon is changing the global game of YouTube content creation. His last two Music Videos, directed for UK YouTuber ‘KSI’, have over 41 million views and Kon shows no sign of taking his foot off the gas.